Michael Longhofer's work

Clint Eastwood, Media: Acrylic and Resin


Michael Longhofer, Visual Artist

Visual artist, Michael Longhofer’s work, ranges from cityscapes, distortions, and contemplative figure studies.  Longhofer’s diversity in subject matter demonstrates his vast experience in life and experience, and his contemporary realistic approach draws on a painterly tradition. Longhofer’s distortions bend and twist while different colored lights leave tracers and trails, and his figure-ground Inversion series breaks boundaries and creates another way we see the human form. Michael has recently started a series of black and white paintings of iconic singers and musicians. Michael Longhofer's portraits

From 1994 to 2004 Michael worked as a commercial artist, graphic designer, and art director while still making his fine art. Michael exhibits at fine art festivals which include, The Cottonwood Art Festival and The Fort Worth Main Street Festival. Longhofer started painting murals and commissions in 2007 and has sold work in galleries across Texas and California. Clients include; The City of North Richland Hills, Baylor Healthcare, and American Express. Michael was a finalist thrice for the prestigious Hunting Art Prize, where he was invited to show in Houston, Texas.

Michael Longhofer earned a Masters of Fine Arts Degree from West Texas A&M University in painting and drawing and a B.F.A. from The Laguna College of Art and Design. He currently works out of his studio/gallery and teaches at Clovis Community College and Amarillo Art Institute.  Located in Amarillo, Texas Michael Longhofer Gallery is at Sunset Center. Please call 806-416-8466 for an appointment or visit in person.


Michael Longhofer's, North Richland Hills Mural

North Richland Hills, Texas (New York Mural) width 50′ height 9′.