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Improve or Explore Your Potential

Master painter Mr. Longhofer teaches painting, drawing, and additional classes at Amarillo Art Institute. Michael teaches workshops throughout the Panhandle, including Photoshop and mixed media. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to art or have been an artist for years already, Michael will instruct to suit your current ability.

Anyone can master the skill of painting. It is not dependent upon talent. Students practice and learn the craft of painting to express what they want to with their work. The purpose of the painting lessons featured in Michael’s class is to provide the learner with knowledge and encourage practical application. With the right expertise and ample participation, your painting skills will improve–no matter what your current skill level.

The first core idea is establishing enthusiasm for the discipline. Longhofer is very passionate about what he does, and this excitement flows into the students. Because drawing and painting are the core foundational components of visual art, understanding, and mastering these mediums will have a profound effect on the outcome of the students’ ability to communicate visually. Longhofer motivates the class by his description of contemporary and historical processes of drawing and painting.

The second core idea is hands-on learning.  Demonstrations also paint a visual movie clip in the students’ consciousness. Once the presentation is complete, I have the student repeat the process to solidify the actions witnessed. Even though failure is a probable outcome, through repetition, the student will start to gain control of the media. Over the past twenty years, through this thought process, I realized that to retain knowledge, you have to experience it.

If you are interested in attending the classes or workshops, please contact Rachel Flores at:

Upcoming Photoshop workshop February 9th and 10th, 2018

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