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Michael Longhofer M.F.A.
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Michael Longhofer M.F.A.



Landscapes, cityscapes, and the human figure motivate me as a painter. The urban landscape has qualities of contemporary life; man-made lighting juxtaposed to the natural sky. Living in the Panhandle influences my work, and I’ve come across all kinds of characters here; some are the inspiration for my narratives in my subject matter. Examining Art History again has given me the heart to observe and create work about artists who came before me.

I create fictional paintings with characters that have a regional connection and Amarillo, and its surrounding areas are the backdrops where the scenes task place. I’ve always used my surroundings as inspiration for my work.  In the work, there are layers of humor, sacrasm, and cultural stereotypes. Talk about the message. The message is up to the audience.

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