Michael Longhofer Gallery

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Michael Longhofer Gallery

Michael Longhofer Gallery is a brick and mortar fine art gallery founded in Amarillo, Texas in 2016 by award-winning artist, Michael Longhofer MFA.Michael Longhofer Gallery

Longhofer believes that his art should encompass, encounter and inspire the observer—not merely embellish, but integrate with its surroundings. He creates mural art that renovates your business and home.



Small on-site murals enhance your home and inspire your day to day experience. Go from dull to delightful with a custom mural in your living room, movie room or bathroom. Longhofer can match any style, from modern to traditional, classical to contemporary. You can even use your ideas for a personalized space unique to you. Michael can design an exclusive scene or space that will fit your needs and satisfy your desires.

"Parting the Red Sea"

The large on-site mural projects created by Longhofer naturally take several months to complete. This gives the community an opportunity to witness the creation of a masterpiece in action.




What We Do

The gallery features the works of Michael Longhofer and individual consulting services for all levels of art connoisseurs and potential mural commissions.Michael Longhofer Gallery

All of the paintings in “The Gallery” are available for purchase. The artwork displayed is original oil and acrylic paintings. The size, media,¬†and canvas vary. Order your limited edition print on metal or canvas today!