Cityscape Artwork

Cityscape Artwork

Michael’s niche is his cityscape artwork which includes perspective, automobiles and the urban landscape. Longhofer’s examination and research is a snapshot of modern American society.  Drawing cities on a two-dimensional surface give the impression of their height, width, depth and position. The urban landscape has the qualities of contemporary life, revealing human-made lighting which offers a juxtaposition of the natural sky. The urban landscape has elements of architecture, colored lighting, textures, and different reflective materials. A beautiful sky, perspective, and the lights of a cityscape intertwined with a wet street inspire all of us.

All the Cityscape paintings in the thumbnail gallery will brighten up your loft, hotel or office. The artworks displayed are images of original oil and acrylic paintings. Michael creates his work using the highest quality materials, and the size, media and ground (surface) will vary. The work is gallery-wrapped around the edges and painted to match the piece. The description of the specific type of canvas accompanies each image. The work is ready to hang and does not require any additional hardware.

Cityscape Limited Editions

Downpour at Dusk

Sample Canvas Limited Edition

The Cityscape Limited Edition Collection in the thumbnail gallery below is an excellent addition to your loft, hotel, office or home. We create artwork on metal or canvas, and limited editions are made to order. The size of each collection is 500, and the number of each print is in the order of the payment date received. Please allow ten business days for production.