Figurative Work

Michael Longhofer’s figurative work ranges from narrative to conceptual and breaks new ground visually. Michael’s diverse subject matter takes a fresh new look at how we perceive images. In Longhofer’s Inversion series, he breaks the rules of the typical figure and ground relationship.


Dame del Puente/ 72″ x 72″/Oil over Acrylic

Longhofer combines the female and male body with different types of visual manipulations. He investigates how intimately the figure and the ground can be intertwined. Michael immerses the human being into an environment using different techniques. He demonstrates how the model participates in the background or with another object. His investigation of a figure-ground inversion brings together traditional painting methods with a new process. The process demonstrates the tensions between “object and subject” and “humanity and nature.”

Death of the West

Death of the West


Longhofer creates fictional paintings with characters that have a regional connection. These local locations are the backdrops where the action takes place. He always uses his surroundings as inspiration for the work.  Within the paintings, there are layers of humor, sarcasm, and cultural stereotypes. “Talk about the message. The message is up to the audience.”





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